World scaled by number of documents published in
with authors from each country

CC-BY J.P. Alperin & Costas, R.
@juancommander & @RodrigoCostas1


This map was produced by Juan Pablo Alperin (Simon Fraser University) and Rodrigo Costas (Centre for Science and Technology Studies) as part of a larger research collaboration to study the production and readership by countries, and over time. Data about publications by country is sourced from Scopus and population and GDP data is sourced from the World Bank. The map is powered by d3.js using cartogram.js which itself relies on this implementation of Dougenik, Chrisman, Niemeyer (1985).

A 2016 edition of this map can be found here and a 2011 version, using data from Web of Science, is availble here.

Juan Pablo is an Assistant Professor in Publishing, the Associate Director of Research for the Public Knowledge Project and the co-Director of the ScholCommLab at Simon Fraser University. He can be reached on Twitter @juancommander at over email at

Rodrigo Costas is a senior researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies and an Extraordinary Associate Professor at the Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology of Stellenbosch University (South Africa). He can be reached on Twitter at @RodrigoCostas1 and over email at

The code (including some of this page) was adapted from the example provided by shawnbot. The full source code for this page can be found in Juan's github.